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Property maintenance is crucial to a sustainable and profitable property. If neglected, maintenance issues can lead to decreased tenant retention, unsafe living conditions, and costly repairs that could have been avoided. Estage Property Management has extensive expience in performing maintenance tasks in house, in addition to sourcing and vetting vendors as needed.

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Estage has provided us with exceptional service, accurate records and excellent communication. This has lead to high customer satisfaction and higher occupancy at our properties. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Estage.

Graham Smith, President - Graham Smith Companies

What We Handle

  • Contracts/Bids
  • Inspections of Property
  • Wide Network of Vendors
  • Environmental Knowledge
  • Renovations

How You Benefit

You save time by leaving these details to us. Your property stays functioning, attractive, and safe. Through our vetting processes, you will receive the best work at affordable prices.

The Estage Value

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Estageʼs experienced staff thoroughly reviews each proposal and approvals are made at the executive and site level, to find the very best value for your property.
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Property inspections are performed routinely, and close attention is placed on preservering the asset, while maximizing NOI.
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Operating in multiple markets, Estage has developed a network of professional vendors vetted to provide the best value and highest quality services for your properties.
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In addition to the on-site management teams, Estage is comprised of highly skilled technicians who are trained in the latest environmental regulations.
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